University and Careers


In addition to all the support provided by our deliberately small and dedicated tutorial system and the subject-specific provision made by academic Heads of Department, students looking at courses which fall outside of the A level curriculum can link into specialised support offered by Mrs Millar who runs Medsoc.

  • Help with Medical School applications
  • BMAT and UCAT (previously UKCAT) seminars
  • BMAT essay practice and a dedicated BMAT preparation day
  • Open Day visits by coach to University medical schools
  • Hospital Visiting Scheme
  • Regular ‘Medsoc’ lectures from invited specialists
  • Medical Interview preparation day including one-to-one practice interviews
  • Careers lunch with local practitioners
  • Work experience placements
  • Additional events such as the School for Surgery Day and the Trauma First Aid Weekend

Medical School KES Experiences: "As I’m sure anyone who has applied to study medicine will tell you, the process of securing a place at medical school can be both long and frustrating. KES provides fantastic support through the whole process, with the HE & Careers Team providing great support in organising work experience, as well as helping with the personal statement, interview and clinical admissions tests preparation. Make sure you get involved in the many extracurricular clubs, societies and trips that the school provides, such as Medsoc, and Hospital Visiting Scheme and the Charities Commission. Another great bonus is that as so many students from KES apply to do medicine every year, there are always other students you can speak to about their experiences which is really useful, especially when it comes to interview preparation".

Key Statistics: Over 90% of our medics are successful compared to the national average of 23%

Medicine as a Career: The world of medicine is huge and is not just limited to general practice or surgery. Many students have pre-conceived ideas that may need to be challenged so that they begin to appreciate the very wide range of careers available within this broad genre. All students will need to be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the NHS and a realistic understanding of life as a medic. Through carrying out work experience and attending Medsoc lectures, students will begin to gain this understanding and broaden their horizons in this regard.

HE & Careers Centre: The HE & Careers library maintains up- to –date information on all the UK medical schools and, in addition, has information about medical schools overseas that teach in English. Many useful resources such as 'How to Get into Medical School' are available for students to borrow.

Work experience and volunteering: All prospective medics, dentists and vets are strongly advised to arrange suitable work experience. For medics this should be ideally in a range of medical settings both primary and secondary (students should see Mrs Mandley for help in arranging work experience). In addition students should carry out voluntary work on a regular basis. This does not have to be in a medical setting - helping in a charity shop every Saturday would suffice.

Medsoc: This is a very popular, student-led, super-curricular activity. Throughout the year lectures are given by professionals and sometimes by older students who have recently endured the rigorous process of applying for Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science. Students are able to explore current developments in the world of medicine and to discuss some of the ethical aspects of topical issues. Some practical opportunities are also available through the aegis of this society.

Useful information: The Medic Portal provides information and help on all aspects of Medical applications,

BMAT and UCAT: Medical students will need to sit either BMAT or UCAT or both as part of the application process. Introductory seminars on these tests and how best to prepare for them are offered at the end of the Spring term. A full BMAT day is organised at the end of the Summer term for those students planning to sit this test in the Autumn term. Please see the specific pages under 'Admissions Tests' for more information.

Interviews: Students who are successful in their aptitude examinations are likely to be called to interview by any of the 4 medical schools of their choice. During the Autumn term we run a dedicated Practice Interview Day which includes a one-to-one practice interview with a medical professional.  Separate practice interviews can also be arranged with members of the Biology Department.

Any student who is interested in following a career in Medicine should register their interest with Mrs Millar at the earliest opportunity.