University and Careers


Mrs Thomas handles all King Edward's Oxbridge applicants. The preparation begins in Lower sixth with and introductory talk followed by a targeted 'Oxbridge Explained' Day in the spring term. LVI students should attend the relevant talks and register their interest with Mrs Thomas as soon as possible.

Students are encouraged to make use of Unifrog and other on-line platforms and websites to distinguish between the various courses, colleges and universities and to help them make their final choice of one.

Preparation for the additional admissions tests begins at the end of the spring term and prospective Oxbridge students are expected to be pro-active in checking relevant websites, downloading syllabuses and completing practice papers.

Prior to being called for interview at either Oxford or Cambridge, all Oxbridge candidates will be given practice interviews, usually from either Mrs Thomas, or the relevant in-house expert, which is often the HoD. A database of past interview questions is available from KJ and many useful resources can be found in the HE & Careers Centre.

Mrs Thomas has additional responsibility for preparing all students for Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science, please see the dedicated pages for more information or follow this link.