University and Careers

Post A level

A LEVEL RESULTS DAY: Always on the third Thursday of August. This year it is on Thursday 17th August (2017). 

Please come into school to collect your results and remember that the Higher Education Team will be available for one-to-one guidance about offers and acceptances, 'Clearing' and 'Adjustment'.   

Please see the Leavers Booklet for further details about our Post A Level Results Clinic.

UCAS Exam Results Helpline:  0808 100 8000

All students who leave us, having completed their Sixth Form education, are provided with a Leavers’ booklet.  This is sent home to parents after half term in the Summer Term and is available here: Leavers booklet 2017 (1).pdf

We very much hope that Leavers will keep in touch via the Edwardians site and let us know if there are any changes to their destination at university.

As is made clear in your Leavers' Booklet, you have a vast resource to draw upon in the Edwardian body. Use linked-in and our own facebook links - especially if you need to look for internships in the future.

You may find the information below - covered in your Foundation Studies programme - of use in any future employment applications. Good luck!

There is a wealth of practical advice available to you via the UCAS web pages all aimed at helping you adjust to independent living. For advice about money, accommodation, or any difficulties you might experience, look at the various UCAS TV tutorials and browse HERE to find out about all the support you can get once you've left school.

PQA Help

For those many students who decide to apply after they have taken their examinations (Post Qualification Application or PQA), the school continues to support them through the process and a guide, including the current ‘BUZZWORD’, is provided within the Leavers’ Booklet to help them make their application. Students are advised to register through the school so that they can continue to receive our help and advice throughout the application process.  Please note that if a student decides to re-take examinations via a different examination centre, the School will need to be notified of the new examination centre's predicted grade.  Predicted grades for re-sits must be communicated to KES tutors via an email from an official examinations centre or accredited private tutor.  

VI Form Tutors will still be available - by appointment - to offer help and advice wherever that is requested. Students are expected to keep in touch with their ex-tutor to facilitate this process.

Any student who wishes to make a direct entry to the UCAS clearing system after receiving his/her results, must do so during the Post A Level Results Clinic, and notify the HE team that a reference will be required.  As staff will be on annual leave at this time, it is important that due warning is given if a reference may be needed during the holiday period. 

Students should keep in regular contact with their UVI tutor, who will process their application. We do ask that students make their application in the Autumn term immediately following their departure and it is important that they allow sufficient time for the application to be processed – 10 working days after ‘submission’.

The school UCAS system closes down in the penultimate week of the Autumn term and access will not be possible after that date.

Any student who is struggling with his/her application is invited to an evening clinic of advice held on the school’s Open Evening.

Further details on making a Post Qualification Application are available in the Leavers' Booklet.

Advice for A Level Results Day

Making a direct entry through 'Clearing' for entry into university this year

Some students may, when they see their results, decide that they want to see if they can secure a place for university THIS autumn, even though they declined to go through UCAS during their Upper Sixth year.

This is possible, but needs to be done at the Post A Level Results clinic in School. This is because a reference is needed. Furthermore, it is sensible for you to seek advice and to consult the information available to you so that you don’t make a false ‘jump’, just because there is urgency over 'Clearing'.

If you need any further information about ‘Clearing’, the main UCAS web site offers a very thorough explanation of the process. In practice, the ‘bargain’ places at good universities are snapped up within a few hours, so you do need to be determined and persistent.

  • First of all, look at the UCAS 'Clearing' website and find a course which (a) attracts you, and (b) requires the same grades or points that you have achieved.
  • Contact the university. This will inevitably require persistence as the phones are often jammed on results day. Success may involve you redialling many, many times. Remember: you are in competition with everybody else and places go in a matter of minutes. Keep your nerve!
  • Once you have established that you are eligible for the course in 'Clearing' you will need to register with UCAS. If you did this as a practice run, you will now need to begin anew but slightly alter your details: for instance, include your middle name or an initial to make a distinction between this and your first, now invalid application.
  • Make sure one of the HE team at the Post A Level Results Clinic knows what you are doing.
  • Apply as an INDEPENDENT candidate in order to speed up the process (select 'individual').
  • When you are ready to add a personal statement, simply write “I will supply a personal statement by email if absolutely necessary”. This saves you time and anxiety and doesn’t seem to have any impact on outcomes as, at this stage, universities are only really interested in your grades.
  • You will need a reference and if you want one from the school out of term time, will have to ask a member of the HE team for one on the day, and discuss the course for which you have applied.  Thereafter requests will need to be made via: 
  • Finally, press “pay and send” and off you go.

Good luck.