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Post AS and A Level Reform

AS Level Results

At least three of a student's AS subjects will continue as a full, linear A level course.

Universities have not issued any unanimous decision about how AS grades will be regarded. Please refer to the specific university web pages and faculty admissions policies for reliable and up to date information.

Any public qualifications that are certificated must appear on the UCAS application.

Students should aim to come into school on the day of the results in order to be able to access advice from the Higher Education/ Student Guidance team and to discuss the implications of unexpected results upon their plans.

For specific times of these Post Examinations Clinics, please see the LEAVERS BOOKLET and the timetable printed in the end of term bulletin

If students feel they would like to discuss their A2 options in the light of any examination results, they will also be able to access subject-specific advice via Heads of Department at that time and again at the beginning of the academic year, should they feel they wish to change subject. If any curriculum changes are contemplated, Dr Waymark, the Academic Deputy Head, will need to be involved to confirm any decisions.

Due to necessary building and maintenance work, there is often limited access to the School during the summer vacation. Please check the website noticeboard to discover which point of access to use.