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Given that, traditionally, the vast majority of our students leave us at 18 and proceed into University courses, we are particularly well placed to provide Guidance regarding HE choices. Over 98% of our students become undergraduates and we continue to provide support for them through the UCAS system even when they are officially ‘OEs’ [Old Edwardians]. Many of our students stay in contact and provide useful feedback on their undergraduate courses which we can filter through to help current students.

However, the process of providing effective support for students’ choice of university course begins formally in the LVI when they begin their Introduction to HE programme within FS.

The purpose of this programme is to show students 'How to Research a Course'. Given the incredible range of undergraduate courses on offer, this process can be time-consuming and confusing. For this reason we offer, at the same time, an opportunity for parents to come into school to discuss the UCAS process. The Parental Power Point presentation on this site gives a brief idea of the support we offer to parents and to students.

Later in the year, students and their parents are encouraged to join in our University Open Days programme (see separate page), at the end of which we hope that all the institutions which feature in our UCAS QUIZ, will no longer seem entirely unfamiliar!

In due course, sixth form students are shown How to Use APPLY, which will give them the wherewithal to complete their online application to the universities of their choice. At the very end of the LVI year, a special training programme takes students through the complex process of compiling a Personal Statement.

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