University and Careers

Work Shadowing/Experience

We believe that contact with the world of work provides invaluable experience for our students, and we encourage them to make Career decisions based upon practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

Rather than allocating a period of time in which all students must participate in a work experience programme, we run work shadowing/experience placements throughout the year. Each placement is uniquely tailored to each unique student. There is no cost involved other than that of transport to the provider's place of business. Any student may have more than one placement, subject to suitability, and multiple placements can often be a route to finding out which careers may be inappropriate as well as learning more about a preferred career. The reality of a cold farmyard at dawn can suddenly put the glamour of television vets into a totally new perspective.

We are extremely well placed to be able to provide a host of professional contacts from among parents, Old Edwardians and within the local community.  Most placements take place locally, but in some cases, placements are found much further afield in London and in other regions of the country.

What is work shadowing/Experience?

Work shadowing is the opportunity for Lower Sixth students to spend time in a company where they can experience at first hand what it is like to be part of the working world. This placement can be arranged by the School, but can also be organised by parents or by the student.

Work shadowing differs from the usual weekend or holiday job in that the employers selected fully appreciate the value of this type of experience and treat our students as adults, giving them experience and responsibilities appropriate to their abilities. Students do not normally get paid for this work, but they may be offered follow-on opportunities and often develop valuable network contacts for the future.

Work shadowing offers many options and we do aim to match the students' choices as closely as possible. Students can benefit in a number of ways:-

  • evaluating possible careers options
  • understanding how an organisation operates
  • appreciating working as part of a team
  • experiencing responsibility
  • gaining confidence and interpersonal skills
  • gaining useful material for writing a personal statement

The HE & Careers Department will help Lower Sixth students find and organise work shadowing/experience opportunities. Please see the following pages for examples of work placements and detailed information of the service we offer students.