University and Careers

The process at KES

Each student, once he or she is in the Sixth Form, can make an application for an Interview with Mrs Mandley, our Careers Coordinator, who will then proceed to make an appropriate contact and organise a work placement. The process of organising a placement involves the student entering into an agreement with the work experience provider, thus careful thought needs to be given to the commitment of time and energy.

The school provides guidance notes and back-up for the student on work experience and Parents are asked to sign the appropriate documents concerning Health and Safety before a placement can go ahead. In fulfilling our duty of care during your son’s/daughter’s work placement, we will inform the employers of any relevant medical condition(s) that the School holds, unless you specifically request otherwise.

We expect students to be good ambassadors for the School in terms of general manners, politeness, smart appearance and punctuality. A degree of initiative will be important, and students should make the most of the opportunity to ask questions of their supervisors. Students who approach work shadowing positively are most likely to derive the greatest benefit. Placements can be difficult to source, and we expect students to commit to the opportunity they are being offered. Requests to change dates or withdraw from a placement should only be made in exceptional circumstances.

At the end of the placement each student completes a report on his/her experience, which will be submitted both to his/her employers and to the School's HE & Careers Department. In addition, a feedback pro forma is completed by all students.

In the past, students have obtained glowing references from their placements which can, of course, be used as valuable evidence of their skills in the reference section of their UCAS application or any future job application.

We feel that work shadowing can provide an invaluable experience for students and urge your son/daughter to discuss this opportunity with Mrs Mandley as soon as possible.

Although the majority of work experience placements are arranged for Sixth Formers, it may also be possible to arrange suitable placements for interested Upper School pupils in a similar way.