Vth & UVI Activities Week

Vth & UVI Activities Week

From 14th-18th June 2021 we have set up a week of activities on offer to the current Fifth and Upper Sixth after all of their assessments. 

None of the activities are compulsory. Other than the Friday trips, they will be free. 

They are designed to dip in and out of. Therefore you don't need to commit to all of e.g. the Musical Theatre, but if you would like to, you can. Each day will be different. The only exception to this is Game Jam which is a two-day programme of gaming design. 

You do, however, need to commit to the whole day, and can't swap from one activity to another half way through the day. 

If you are in school you will have school lunches, and if off-site you will need to provide a packed lunch or purchase at the venue you are at. 

A Google Form has been sent out for you to sign up by friday 28th May. After this we will send out information, and where appropriate, request consent. 

Monday Watersports at SWAC Sport: Hockey Camp Sport: 1st XI vs Hampshire Cricket College Art Game Jam
Mountain Biking
Tuesday Watersports at SWAC Sport : Football Day, girls and boys coaching and tournament
Art Upper 6th
Musical Theatre Workshop Climbing
Wednesday Watersports at SWAC Sport: Rugby and Netball Camp. With triangular fixtures with PGS /Ryde Sport: Cricket 1st XI vs MCC Library workshops
Musical Theatre Workshop Climbing
Thursday Watersports at SWAC Sport: Upper 6th Multisport morning and Fixtures v Dauntseys Sport: Fifth Year Multisports Day Library Workshops Game Jam Musical Theatre Workshop Jewellery making (NUMBERS LIMITED)
Friday Fifth Year Fun Day: Upper Sixth Trip


Multi-watersports days. Depending on numbers and weather throughout the week we will be offering sailing, rib driving, windsurfing, paddleboarding and keelboating.


A mixture of training and fixtures across the four days, based at Wellington Sports Ground. See the table for details of what will happen on each day. Please only sign up for the 1st XI Cricket fixtures if you are on this team and have been selected by Mr Penn. 

Art - Reflect, refresh and renew in the Art Studios

After an extraordinary year of zoom and unknowns galore, use your creativity to make sense of where we are now. You will be creating a piece of art using the cyanotype process which means you can source a wide range of imagery from Instagram grabs to hand written text and freehand art all via the UV rays of the sun.

Art staff will be on hand to guide, support and help as you collectively create artwork that will displayed in the school. You don't need to be a GCSE or A level art student to take this up - just someone who enjoys being creative in the studio. You can do both days or just one. 

Library Workshops 

Wednesday - Are you a Feminist?

Are women ‘less than’ in our society? How did this happen, and is it right? This session is for anyone with opinions on gender, whether you’re a ‘macho man’, or ‘just a girl’. Covering history, present day, stereotypes, sexual assault and women’s rights.

  • Brief history of how society became a patriarchal society
  • Brief history of different waves of feminism
  • What is feminism, what is equality, are you a feminist
  • Do we/why do we need feminism today
  • Exploring gender stereotypes – how do you benefit/ impacted by gender stereotypes

Thursday - How to be an Activist

Is there an issue you care about – big or small? Maybe it’s litter in your local park, accessibility for your friend with disabilities or animal conservation. How can you make a difference in today's society?

  • Finding your issue, understanding the causes, researching
  • Finding your people – online and in real life
  • What can you do day to day?
  • Setting larger goals
  • Campaign methods
  • Successful activist case studies

Game Jam

Make a game, learn to code, win prizes and have fun.

Game Jams are an amazing way to get some experience in game development – in this activity you will spend some of the first day learning the basics of the game development engine Unity. Then we will announce the theme of the Jam. You’ll only have a few days to work in a team or with friends to build a game from scratch before we all come together again on the second day to share designs and give feedback. At the end of the second day winners will be selected and prizes awarded.

You do not need to have any previous experience coding, but it helps. We will be using Unity to create the games and writing code in C#. If you’re a coder, artist or even just an avid gamer you’ll enjoy making your first game as part of this competition.

You must sign up for both days on this activity, as it is a two-day course. 

Musical Theatre

Three stand-alone days of hedonistic fun. Singing, dancing, make-up, costume, sound and lighting, set building. At the end of each day we will record what we have achieved! 


If the weather permits this will be an all day trip to Swanage returning after the late bus. Please only select one climbing day as numbers are limited. If it is wet we will use a local climbing wall.

Mountain Biking

A day trip to Swinley Forest. Bikes can be hired at the venue if necessary 

Jewellery Making

Learn to do some resin casting and make some jewellery with Mr and Mrs Blow

Bake-Off - U6 only 

You will be given a category in advance, bring your own ingredients, and then take part in a competitive bake off in our 'bake-off tent' in the Cookery Room at Stroud.